Sinj is the town placed in Inland Dalmatia, some 30 km away from the Adriatic sea in the Cetinska Krajina Region. It is surrounded by impressive Dinara, Kamešnica and Svilaja mountains, fields, fertile Sinjsko Polje Valley and stunning river Cetina. Greenfields, rocks and villages surround Sinj giving a perfect opportunity for exploring and fulfilling adventure needs.

But, what if you don’t feel like an adventurer or an explorer? What if you don’t consider yourself as a sporty, physically active person? You rather prefer easy going time, love to see new places, experience something new, if possible away from the crowds… If it’s so, trust my word, you are both, adventurer and explorer and the buggy tour is the perfect solution for all of you who are curious and hungry for something new, no matter in what physical condition you are. And that is exactly why I loved this tour, I could of have been adventures while Nikola, my driver, guide and friend did the rest 🙂


Buggy is a small 4-wheel vehicle with off-road capabilities, designed for driving on rough ground.

My buggy adventure started in front of Hotel Alkar in Sinj. I was very lucky to have Nikola as my driver and guide around Sinj surroundings. He is really knowledgable about off-beaten-routes, great driver and passionate about his hometown.

I have never been on any kind of off-road tours before and I was really excited and curious to see how that’s going to turn out.

So, I set in a buggy and fasten up all safety belt and helmet. It was a strange feeling to sit so low, close to the road as I get used sitting in a car and bus. It was also strange to be surrounded by cars on the street of Sinj as we were living town and heading to roads where cars actually cannot follow. And then, magic started. It was a little bumpy while Nikola was driving over rocky paths between beautiful green bushes and trees, but the feeling of being so close to nature, driving through it was so exciting.

The first spot we stopped at was a place with an amazing view of the Sinj field. I always stay amused how houses and trees look so small from that kind of distance. After taking a few photos we continued our way towards Cetina river.

I live in a town that is placed at the estuary of the Cetina river and I swear that Cetina looks differently at every part of its flow. We stopped at several places by the river, we met a local shepherd with his sheep along the road and that was one of those experiences when you feel thrilled and truly part of the place you are meeting for the first time. Nikola drove through flooded fields, nearby villages, up the hills… Scenes of landscapes changed from karst, rocks to green grass, trees and emerald river. From time to time I screamed out of excitement. It felt so good!

At one point we stopped at a beautiful spot of Kosinac, a source in the village of Gala. This source is of great importance because it exerts almost all of the wider area around Sinj. Gala village is located in the karst area between the left bank of the upper stream of the river Cetina, on the eastern edge of the Sinj field and the slopes of the Kamešnica mountain. Gala is located 8.5 km northeast of Sinj

Throughout all the way Nikola was explaining places we were passing and I felt truly happy for taking this buggy tour. I felt appreciation, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Sinj region experiencing it first hand.

The tour ended where it started, in front of Hotel Alkar where we set for a drink. I wasn’t feeling like too much talking as I wanted to keep that overwhelming mood as long as possible. I was grinning from ear to ear, drinking juice, listening to the sound of birds from the nearby park and enjoyed the sun and good day vibes.

I left Sinj with a full heart, feeling on the top of the world to have this chance of exploring Sinj surroundings as I have the town itself sometime before, in some different way.

This was one perfect day!