Find out where to go for a swim while in Omis, get to know the beaches of Omis before you come so you can choose the perfect one for yourself or simply try them all once you arrive.

Although it is a trend to be active on holiday, although I would always suggest you take the opportunity to discover and experience something new, the only thing that matters is yourself and the image in your head about how you would like to spend your holiday. So, don’t feel guilty if you are one of those who like to just lie in the sun. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is simply nothing. Omis offers several great places where you can be lazy and perfectly happy about it 🙂

Just like the filling of a juicy sandwich, the Omis Riviera is spread and squeezed between mighty hills and the gorgeous blue Adriatic, as well as many other Dalmatian places. Twenty kilometres of the Omis Riviera are rich in all kinds of beaches, from sand, pebbles, rocks, concrete, but also large, small, public, private, naturist, accessible only from the sea … whatever you can think of. The town of Omis itself has a river as a bonus, so for a change, you can plop in it a few times.

For starters let’s find out where you can swim or soak in the sea and lounge in the sun while the warm breeze gently caresses your body.


The town beach in Omis is the largest beach between Split and Makarska. People from Omiš call it the Big Beach and if you want to talk like a local, you’d head to the Velika Plaža. The Big Beach is a really beautiful long sandy beach. It has a Blue Flag and it is located in the very centre of town. The shallows extend far out from the beach, which is great for the kids and non-swimmers. During the summer season, you can rent beach umbrellas and sun loungers. If you prefer natural shade, umbrella-shaped tamarisk trees will do the job perfectly.
Those of you who like to suffer in the sun and be active can rent paddle boats or try out other fun water sports activities (such as the floating water park). Or, you can take a shot at something new, a unique local game called picigin. Picigin is a beach game that originates from the city of Split. It is played in shallow water and involves several players in a circle bouncing around a small ball with the palms of their hands, trying to keep it in the air and out of the water for as long as possible. If you prefer chasing a ball over hot sand, the beach volleyball court will be the right thing for you. Just find a few friends who think alike and let the games begin. And if you still haven’t had enough action, you can cool yourselves down afterwards with a game of water polo in the nearby court.
At the beginning of the beach there is a sea-lift for the disabled and at the end of the beach another similar access to the sea for the disabled which can easily be reached by car.
If you are into snorkelling, you’ll be happy to hear about a sunken wreck of a World War II ship that lies at the sea bottom some 150 m from the beach, waiting for you to explore it.
As to be expected, Velika Plaza is also equipped with public showers, changing facilities and beach bars where you can enjoy a cold drink or a cup of coffee. In case you get hungry, thankfully you’re in the centre of town, only several minutes away from many local restaurants and fast foods.
The beach itself is 400 m long, but extends onto a 300 m long breakwater with a walking path which, in addition to a row of wooden sunbathing benches, offers a unique opportunity for a stroll right in between the Cetina River and the Adriatic Sea!!!
During the summer, the temperatures go really high and the sea gets nice and warm, too. But if you don’t like it as warm, the sea is always several degrees colder at the end, thanks to the vicinity of the river.


Another big sandy beach is located on the other, western side of the Cetina river. As part of the local campsite, it offers a large number of different services and facilities such as an outdoor pool, beach volleyball court, football and tennis courts, children’s playground, etc. During the summer season, the camp organizes additional activities such as windsurfing classes or exercising on the beach.

The sand on this beach is a little finer than on the city beach, and the sea is also shallow, absolutely perfect for families with children.

The restaurant in the camp will make sure that you do not stay thirsty or hungry during a stress-free holiday.

If you like running or long walks, from the beach in the camp continues a few kilometres of sandy beaches through the place called Duce on the way to the neighbouring town of Dugi Rat. This is my favourite walking route 🙂

To release all the tensions we collect during everyday life, it is sometimes enough to walk barefoot on the sand, by or through the sea, breathe the sea air, enjoy the view, the beautiful shades of the blue Adriatic, the sound of splashing sea and clicking seagulls.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Omis offers some great places where you can be lazy and perfectly happy about it.


The word “mulic” means a small pier, a small dock. Mulić beach is a small pebble beach located next to the pier. Apart from the beach, the locals like to spread towels on the pier and jump into the sea because of direct access to the deeper sea. Also, this is a place where many generations of Omis people have learned how to swim.

As tourism continues to grow in Omis, the pier life is busier each year and filled with the buzz of boats and people. The construction of the first town port ever is planned, so Mulic is waiting for some new looks in the future.

Until then, this beach and pier remain a traditional place for bathing Omis natives 🙂


Slavinj is located below the main road on the road to Makarska, about a five-minute walk from the city port. Until recently, it was quite narrow and mostly covered with a beautiful green tunnel of tamarisks through which a small stream passed. In the meantime, the beach has expanded and thus lost something and gained something. It has lost its former appearance to the great sorrow of the locals, but it has gained in space as well as a beautiful path for walking and cycling.

Slavinj is a pebble beach which means that the sea will not become cloudy when you enter, so you will be able to enjoy the view of your toes through the crystal clear sea before you look up at the island of Brac ?

In addition, from here to the Ravnice part of town the beaches are one and a half km long.


Right after the Slavinj beach in the direction of Makarska, a row of more than 400 m of small pebble beaches can be found in the part of Omis called Brzet. This is also a very popular place for a swim among locals. The shade of pine and tamarisk trees, the sound of crickets and sea waves, the summer breeze and the feeling of salt on your skin make a perfect package for a body and soul renewal.

 Brzet can be reached by car, but during the summer season it can be difficult to find a parking place, so if you don’t have to use the car, don’t. It is a 20-minute walk from the town centre.

Brzet also has a little stream and it is actually named after it.

Archaeological heritage lovers will be thrilled to hear that the remains of the Church of St. Euphemia from the 5th century were found here during archaeological research in 2004 and can be seen from the nearby hotel.

Brzet has enough restaurants and beach bars to satisfy your love for food, beer, wine or just a cup of coffee.

The story about beaches, however, doesn’t end in Omis. There are so many more gems to discover on the Omis Riviera in places like Nemira, Stanići, Lokva Rogoznica, Medići, Marušići, Pisak… all the way down to the Vruja cove where Makarska Riviera starts.

As a continental woman, growing up on the sandy beaches of the muddy, earthy rivers Drava and Danube, every time, even though I live in Dalmatia for many years, I am thrilled by the clarity and smell of our sea. Indeed, the beaches here are perfect for a well-deserved rest of body and soul, daydreaming and inspiration for new life decisions, goals and beginnings.

The story of Omis beaches does not end here. There are so many more to discover in places like Nemira, Stanići, Lokva Rogoznica, Medići, Marušići, Pisak, all the way to Vruja where the Makarska Riviera begins.

Also, the story of Omis beaches does not end with the sea. In the summer months, when the sea warms up to 30 ° C, many people from Omis, but also visitors, who want refreshment, prefer river beaches because the river Cetina is always a few degrees colder than the sea.


DID YOU KNOW? In Dalmatia, you never call the sea water. Water is water and the sea is the sea 🙂