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Travel consulting

If you have kind of idea what you would like to experience but not have an idea where to even start to google, I come to the scene and take it over by making a list of suggestions, options and ideas.

For starters, you can get inspired by reading about my experiences on the blog.

Creating travel itineraries/ programs

I’ll design a program for you with the list of suppliers contact and prices.


Some ideas and information you can find on my blog for FREE.

Customer experience

If you need help with quality assessment and an honest opinion about the services and work of the client you plan to work with, and you are not able to see for yourself, I will do it for you. Either by announced sight inspection or as a mystery shopper.

The assessment refers to trade and services of the tourism, cultural and catering sector, such as accommodation, restaurants, souvenir shops, excursions, etc.

Influencer marketing

If you like the way I run this blog and think I could improve your business by writing about it and likings go both ways, meaning I have to like and admire what you do too we can make a deal

Content creation & copywriting in tourism

You are aware that we live in times when it is necessary to be present online, but you do not know what to write, or how to do it. Or you simply don’t have time to be creative. In that case, I can offer you help with:

  • Assistance in designing content for websites, social networks and blogs
  • Writing and creating texts for social networks, websites or blogs for small businesses and institutions in tourism and culture (eg private accommodation, travel agencies, travel boards, restaurants, museums, travel and cultural associations…)

Travel with me

  1. Sightseeing Central Dalmatia & travel agency services.

2. Concierge Host services in Omiš

As your local host in Omiš, I can provide assistance with different requests during your stay, from the most generic to unique occasions such as:

  • Tips regarding Omiš and surroundings
  • Private guided tour and excursion arrangements
  • Special occasion arrangements (e.g. Birthday celebrations, anniversaries, proposal…)
  • Shopping (e.g. Souvenirs, clothes, food…)
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Chauffeur service