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Meet me

Hi!I’m Senka:)

… Croatia native, who decided to stuck to the work I do for living and my country collecting insights, taking every opportunity to explore Croatia’s attractions in depth and discovering off the beaten paths.
I am not one of those women who quit their secure and well-paid jobs to go and travel the world. Also, I am not wild, adventures women in her 20s or 30s who loves to party and go after hyperactive things like swimming with sharks, sleeping in the wilderness or eating any kind of weird stuff just because someone cooked it… or even not.

So, who am I then and what do I do?

I am a woman in 40s, culturally curious, who likes to take time to explore new destinations, dig up interesting stories and facts, sit and soak environment and above all get an authentic experience. I don’t like crowds, but love people, love to laugh and giggle. I am not keen to impress anyone anymore, I raither hang out with other, curious, positive individuals who think alike.
I was born in north-east Croatia, in the city of Osijek and lived there almost half of my life. The other half I’ve been living in the south, coastal part of Croatia, in the town of Omiš. Somewhere in between, I lived in London too. My work is also connected to travel. I run a boutique online travel agency offering experiential tours in Omiš and Osijek. Over the years it became pretty obvious how much I love to travel, to discover and to talk about it.
I am truly passionate about Croatia. And fond of not so known places, petite destinations… I like to dig out stories behind things such as buildings, monuments, poetry, events as I found out, behind every creation, there is a person or group of people with vision, idea and life which are truly inspiring, sometimes even more than deeds they accomplished.
More than 15 years I am involved in tourism and I came to the point realising Croatia needs more promotion on that experience level. One can come and enjoy beautiful feelings while observing beautiful sights, but how one can be part of it, get to know the local culture and people?
We grow and feel satisfied when we accomplish something and to accomplish something we have to take action. I would love to motivate you to do just that, an action. Travel and discovery of new destinations, lifestyles and stories might be a great way to recharge your batteries and widen your horizons. So, I am offering this blog as a chronicle of my journeys around Croatia and an invitation for you to visit us.

Let’s bring our cultures together.
With love,

stari mercedes I SENKA

I am truly passionate about Croatia and love to share that passion with the rest of the world.