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Meet me

Hi! I’m Senka:)

I was born in the city of Osijek in Slavonia, the region of ​​the former Pannonian Sea today eastern Croatia’s Pannonian Plain. Two decades ago, I replaced the vast plains of the vanished sea with the hilly Adriatic coast in the town of Omiš.

Since then I have swum in the seas of tourism and travel mostly focused on Croatian destinations, Dalmatia and Eastern Croatia (Slavonia, Baranja and Syrmia). While I was exploring and gaining knowledge travelling around those two destinations I developed a great passion for all that my country has to offer, rich in culture, history, interesting stories and natural beauty.

I am truly passionate about Croatia. And fond of not so known places, petite destinations… I like to dig out stories behind buildings, monuments and art. I found out, behind every creation, there is a person or group of people with vision, ideas and life which are truly inspiring, sometimes even more than the deeds they accomplished.

Following my experiences, I created travel products based on culture (including food and wine 🙂 ) and history, eager to offer Croatia the way I see it and feel it. I run the online travel agency on destination management principles as a one-woman band and this blog Croatia Travelog where I write about tourism and my travels around Croatia.

Heritage interpretation and storytelling is a big deal in everything I do. I believe they are great tools to make ‘boring’ history, visitor attractions, museums and other cultural sights interesting. Therefore they are great to arouse curiosity and bring heritage closer not only to visitors but to locals too. So I am proud to be a part of the Dalmatia Storytelling Destination project as a certificated heritage interpretive guide.


Over time I realised how important quality content and customer/visitor experience is in tourism, hospitality and retail. I think we need more meaningful and inspirational content marketing and education for owners, employees and locals to be better hosts. So my future steps will go in that direction hoping to become a CX specialist under the wing of Stephen Spencer + Associates from the UK.


I believe we cannot apply sustainability and consciously develop a better future without raising awareness of responsibility, empathy, kindness and ethics too.
I believe in feminine principles in business and leadership.
And not just in business. Feminine principles like emotional intelligence, intuitive mind, caring heart and tendency to collaborate are needed more than ever to bring stability and balance to the world.

My mission is to promote Croatia, sustainable cultural tourism and experiential travel. We grow and feel satisfied when we accomplish something and to accomplish something we have to take action. I would love to motivate you to do just that, an action.

Travel and discovery of new destinations, lifestyles and stories might be a great way to recharge your batteries and widen your horizons. So, I am offering this blog as a chronicle of my journeys around Croatia and an invitation for you to travel more and come to visit us.

Let’s bring our cultures together.

With love,

stari mercedes I SENKA

I am truly passionate about Croatia and love to share that passion with the rest of the world.